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The Power Of Having Positive Energy

power of having positive energy

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I’m 100% sure that everybody have heard the infamous line “Think Positive”. Why you might ask? It is because it’s definitely effective. The power of having a positive energy is just surreal. If you have positive energy you attract positive experiences and results. If one would believe the “I am worthy” or “I am smart,” phrase rather than the “I am worthless” or “I am powerless.” Everything will change.


Trust me! Anyone who is serious to succeed in life and achieve personal growth should learn to practice positive attitude. Here are some of the benefits of positive thinking to let you know how powerful it is.


Physical Benefits

  1. 1.       Be Stress Free – Having a positive energy can help you overcome stress since you’ll be handling situations in a positive manner. With you being positive, you realize that those negative feeling will lead you to nowhere but disaster. And being stress free has unending benefits.
  2. 2.       Healthier Lifestyle – with health, the saying mind over matters is quite true. This is because our thinking directly affects our bodies and functions. If we are thinking happy thoughts and positive things it Is proven that it can reduced the risk of high blood pressure, depression, diabetes and cardiac disease. Positive thinkers also live longer and are better able to fight off infection and can recover fast from major surgery and illnesses. Negative thinking makes the whole body weak and fragile.
  3. 3.       More Energy – People might not notice but when you are thinking negative thoughts, you are using extra energy to worry, be stress and be angry. We are the ones to be blame for our own fatigue. Without those negative thoughts, we have extra energy to do the things we love and to appreciate life.


Mental Benefits

  1. 1.       Peace of Mind – Positive thinking will have you looking at the positive side of life. Your mind will relax and your thoughts will calm down. Instead of your thoughts running wild to make sure everything turns out okay, your thoughts will be much more relaxed because you’ll believe that everything is okay.
  2. 2.       Eliminates Doubt and Fear - Doubt and fear is probably the top killer of dreams. Do not hold back! Think positive and believe in your personal power. When you know for certain that you are good at one thing and that you can do it, then be positive and trust your instinct. I know for sure, you will succeed.
  3. 3.       Better Life – What would you rather have? A life full of smiles and happiness or a life full of anger and worries? Definitely the first one. Ask this question to yourself whenever you are thinking negative and you will see the changes it can make. Do this every time and you are sure to have a fulfilling life.
  4. 4.       Broader Perspective – when you are thinking negative, you narrow your perspective and can only focus on the problem and the stress. When you are thinking positive, you can see the big picture clearly. Thus helping you to indentify not only the problem but also the solution.


Social Benefits

  1. 1.       More Friends - Positive people have a lot of friends. And why not? They always smile, they are very inspirational and caring and they’re definitely not a mood killer unlike those grumpy negative ones.
  2. 2.       Deeper Relationships - By being positive, you just don’t make new friends. You create deeper relationships. Survey says that marriages tend to last longer if they see 5 out of 1 positive traits of their spouses against negative. Positive work environments outperform negative ones. And positive sales people make more sales than pessimistic ones. It’s just easier to connect with positive people.


And last but not the least…Everything Will Go Well

When you become positive you start self acceptance and totally just be the “best you”. With these, everything just follows. You’ll have more sales, more friends, healthier life, You can even win a lottery if you are so positive that you can. Never underestimate the power of being positive because it has the ability to change lives. So Start to be positive today!





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