10 Most Popular Excuses We Use For Not Achieving Our Goals

10 Most Popular Excuses We Use For Not Achieving Our Goals

10 Most Popular Excuses We Use For Not Achieving Our Goals

No matter how big or small your personal goals are, believe me when I say it is achievable. Lack of money, time and other excuses are nothing when you are focused with your goal and you really have the passion to do it. Here’s the truth. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is your lame excuse that you keep telling yourself on why you can’t achieve it”. No excuses! If you want it you can achieve it.

And failure is never ever a hindrance. Take for example Walt Disney, he went bankrupt and just a small-time advertising man until he thought about Mickey Mouse and the rest is history. JK Rowling was rejected by twelve publishers before a small Bloomsburry in London agreed to publish it and now everybody knows about the boy who lived. They have the power of self discipline and not that they are very successful. So are you going to let your excuses stop you? Really? I say NO! Get your act together and start hitting them. Here are the top ten excuses for not achieving goals. Read it and say goodbye to it for good.

Top 10: The learn it all – Many people always say “I don’t want to fail so I need to learn it all first before I apply or before I go through with it” If you always say this, then you are wrong. Learning is an unending process. You cannot learn it all if you will not start as a beginner and its best that human learn from trial-and-error so you just need to start on something. Similar you cannot say which goal setting techniques work best for you, unless you actually try them.

Top 9: Not my fault – This is my most hated excuse and you definitely heard this many times. Excuses such as “Life gets along the way”, “I really tried but someone else tripped me” or “Business is just bad nowadays, I’ll start when the economy is better” If you’re making an excuse about your own inaction due to some external factor, you’re sabotaging yourself before you even have a chance to get going.

Top 8: The perfectionist – And there are those people who wants to wait for the “perfect timing” and wants everything to be perfect before they start their goals. This is just a lame excuse for procrastination. If you are waiting for everything to be perfect, then this will never happen. Nothing is perfect and that’s what makes life more interesting.

Top 7: The “I’m not good enough” – Insecurities are major roadblocks to achieve one’s goal. “I’m not smart or talented or pretty or good enough to do it” This is just fear trying to trick you. Empower yourself and believe in your strength. Get over it or get crushed by it.

Top 6: The too tired – Another famous excuse as to why someone can’t get off their ass and make something happen is the ultimate lazy person excuse. Successful people push through no matter what. They get motivated and they’ve never been too tired because they know they want their goals.

Top 5: Being overwhelmed and having too much – Some people’s excuse is that they have too many ideas that they don’t know where to start. Folks get so overwhelmed with career goals they don’t even get started. My advice? Pick one idea at a time and just work your way down the line. Problem solved.

Top 4: Too old or too young – When we are too young, we usually say “I can change my life later I’m still young” and when you are too old, you say “I’m too old for new goals”. That is why many end up not achieving their goals because of this prominent excuse.

Top 3: Being poor/broke – This is a common excuse for people. Yes being broke or poor might be a roadblock but if there’s a will there’s a way.  Goals are free. While pursuing them may require some cash, with a bit of sacrifice, budgeting, and prioritizing your needs vs. your wants, I bet you can afford to go after what you want and achieve overall happiness.

Top 2: Afraid of Failing – “Sometimes, it’s just too hard and I don’t want to fail” is what I often hear with people. Fear of failing is one of the common excuses I hear. But here’s the thing: if you don’t even try to make your dreams happen, you’ve already failed. And I’d much rather know that I tried and it didn’t work out, than wonder what could have been.

Top 1: Ran out of time – and the top excuse would be lack of time. There are only so many hours in a day and in these modern times people are just to busy to set and achieve new goals. If you’ve ever said that, here’s the truth: you don’t really want to do it. People make time for what they want to make time for, and if you’re too busy to pursue your goals, I’d argue you don’t really want to make them happen. To have a meaningful life, you have to set your priorities and make time.

Whether it’s a goal to get fit, quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier, make more money, mend a relationship, run a certain race, get past an injury, start a business, or any other goal that you have been working toward, avoid making excuses and just do it! Achieving your goal is a choice. You have full power over it if you would just want it so bad. So go ahead and start hitting your goals and tell share your success stories here. Or you can also drop your favorite excuses in the comments below.

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