20 Examples of the Simple Things in Life we Often Overlooked

20 Examples of the Simple Things in Life we Often Overlooked


One of the most unforgettable personality test I had in years is when our professor at the time took out a sheet of paper and asked our class what can we see. 100% of the class answered “A black dot in a white paper”. If we would analyze the exercise, there’s a big sheet of white paper and only a small black dot. So we should have seen “A white paper with a black dot”. The exercise turns out to be a reflection of what people usually do – which is to see the negative in things (represented by the black dot) instead of the positive (represented by the white areas) even though it is a lot bigger than the negative one.

From then on, I changed my life and discovered the power of gratitude. There’s greatness behind appreciation and people should stop spending their time on complaining and instead focus on what’s working in your life. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Don’t waste yourself in rejection, nor bark against the bad, but chant the beauty of the good”. Indeed life is beautiful! So what’s better left to do than take this article and use it to remind us of the simple things in life that we often overlooked? Here are 20 things we often overlooked. It’s time to appreciate them all.

  1.        The ever changing technology. Technology is all around that is why it is often overlooked. But just think about the television channels or the VOIP you use to get in touch with love ones abroad. There’s a lot to be thankful for the ever changing technology that makes our life easier.
  2.         Waking up. Waking up is still life’s greatest mystery. We should be thankful that we made it through the night and we have another day, another hope.
  3.         We have our body. We have our fingers that can do a million other things. We have our feet to take us wherever we want to go. We have our teeth to eat. In short, we just have a wonderful body. One must learn self acceptance and love their body but instead we still tend to complain every time about it. Like being fat or too thin. We also take it for granted by drinking alcohol, smoking and doing other unhealthy thing.
  4.         Food everywhere. Today, we can get food in so many ways. We have restaurants when we don’t want to cook. Supermarkets and packed foods, not to mention that we don’t have to weed all day just to get vegetables.
  5.        We have our house. Most people have homes, some don’t. So those who have should be so thankful for it. We have our comfy beds, our showers, our roofs to keep us warm.
  6.         We have clothes. We have clothes to warm and protect us. But we cant even appreciate it. Instead our big daily dilemma would be deciding from our vast collection of clothing. Why don’t we just wear something simple because indeed simplicity sells.
  7.        The plants and trees. Plants and trees are important because it gives us air and it helps stop floods. We should also be thankful for the shades it provides.
  8.        Different kinds of animals. So many wonderful undiscovered animals and creatures, we forget
  9.         Family. No explanation needed our family is the greatest gift of all. But we always forgot them.
  10.      Other People Around Us. Your special someone, your fabulous friends, your peaceful neighbors and your safe society. We should appreciate all the other people around us because each one of them is a part of who we are. They can also share life lessons that we can use.
  11.      Our Job. Work can seem like a burden most of the time but without work, where would we be? Work gives us money for our needs and it also gives us a sense of purpose. So be thankful.
  12.      Man made or nature made sceneries. As a traveler, there’s nothing that makes me smile bigger than great scenery. Whether it’s man made or nature made, don’t forget to honor the great places you see everyday like the lake or the tall buildings.
  13.      Changing weathers. We complain when it’s hot, cold, raining, snowing. We just complain about different weather. But without the changing weathers, flowers would not blossom, grains cant be harvest and more.
  14.      Compassion and love. Having someone who support, love and give us affection is such a blessing. The feeling itself is a source of happiness.
  15.      Guidance/Advice. Everyday we receive guidance/advice from someone whether it’s just about the right direction or what course to get in college. Be thankful for the knowledge and advice that somebody gave you.
  16.      Rest/Sleep. Take a break and be thankful that you can simply relax and sleep.
  17.      Our Intelligence and Talent. Pre programmed to have intelligence and talent sometimes only you have
  18.      Our Pets. I always thank my cuddly golden retriever with every kiss she gives me.
  19.     Sun, Air, Water. Our three essential needs to live seem to always be overlooked. But without it we are going to die.
  20. 20.     Peace of mind. In this fast-paced world, it’s almost impossible to achieve peace of mind. It’s so rare that one should be thankful for it.

Our lives are full of abundant blessings. We have so many things to be thankful for; yet, we barely notice the “wow” factor of it and always take things for granted. It’s time to change our perspective and be thankful for all the beauty and happiness that surround us. By doing so, you are attracting more positive things and your life will be so much better.

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