4 Reasons Why Fears Can Be Good For You

4 Reasons Why Fears Can Be Good For You

4 Reasons Why Fears Can Be Good For You

We are all afraid of something. Fear of heights, fear of the dark, fear of losing and the list goes on and on. But that’s all right, to fear is human. People should not think of fear only as something negative. Fear is in our lives for some good reasons and it can mold us to be a better person. Here are 4 reasons why fears can be good for you.

4 Reasons Why Fears Can Be Good For You

Fear pushes you beyond our limits

When fear comes your way, take it as a motivation. Use it to drive you to find new resources and ways to better yourself. Do you fear that you are about to lose your job? Then find new ways to improve your performance or better yet think of starting a new career or your own business. Are you suddenly feeling lazy? Fear will push you to act and get ready for the future. If you know you have an exam or a speech or an interview tomorrow, then the feeling of fear will be there to tell you to prepare, stop being lazy and go outside your comfort zone.

Without fear, you WILL NOT SUCCEED!! Remember that every great dream is definitely scary, whether it is about asking your girlfriend to marry you or starting a new business. All you need to do is embrace that fear and use it to be a better you.

Fear lets you know what’s important to you

Another purpose of fear is to let us know what’s really important to us. Think of it this way. If something doesn’t matter to you, you would not care what happens with it, you won’t feel fear of losing it and you wouldn’t be crushed if you fail. But when something is really close to your heart, something you really care about, we feel lots of fear about it. With so many things going on in our lives, a lot of people find it hard to realize what’s important in their life and what the things they really want are. Fear helps you with that.

Fear keeps you and makes you feel alive

In a scientific note, fear is considered as a survival instinct that keeps us alive. Fear is a biochemical reaction that let us know when to response to threats and dangers. For example, we wouldn’t know that we need to run from a Lion if we don’t fear it or take a few steps back a cliff for us not to fall.

Aside from being literary alive, fear also keeps us figuratively alive. Meaning we can feel we are alive and kicking if we fear. Your body produces adrenaline when you are scared and then you went outside your comfort zone. This adrenaline makes you high and that high is the difference between plainly existing and living. This is why our greatest experience and stories are the ones who push us into the unknown and challenge our fears. Like getting married or sky diving.

Fear builds confidence and makes you stronger

And last but not the least, we need fear to become more confident and stronger. When you do something that scares you, when you overcome your fears, your ego will increase. Each step outside your comfort zone gains you confidence and strength.

Fear is not always our enemy. As mentioned above, it can also be a friend. So the next time that you feel scared, pause for a moment and reflect on to what your fear is trying to tell you. Then embrace your fear, prepare for it and get ready to conquer it. Good luck!

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