7 Reasons Why We All Need Great Mentors

7 Reasons Why We All Need Great Mentors

7 Reasons Why We All Need Great Mentors

Everyone needs advice in whatever aspect of their life. Whether you want creative advice in building your own house or you want to invest on a new business, finding a mentor can help you along the way.

So what is a mentor?

In the dictionary, mentor is defined as someone who is wise and trusted that can guide you on your path. Let me add more by saying that a mentor is also someone who has that status in life that you would like to have. It can be a relationship, a business, a fitness mentor or whatever; successful people just know that having the right mentor is vital.

This article is just starting out but we can already see how important it is to get a mentor. Two is better than one as they say and having a mentor is having a partner for success. They already know and have been where you would like to go. They know the steps you need to take, and often have ideas that you may have never thought of. We all do need great mentors. Here are some of the reasons why:

1 Get an Inside View

As I said above, mentors have already been where you would like to go. They already dwell in the world of successful people. With this, they can give you an inside view on how to get things done to get there and what to do when you are already there.

2 Be a role model

People have this tendency to always look for someone who they can look up to and have their full respect. And your mentor can be a role model.

3 Thinking outside the box

One of the important life lessons I have learned is to always think of a plan B, C, D etc when your plan A didn’t work. To come up with these new ways to tackle a situation, you need to think out of the box and your mentor can help you with this. Your mentor being the more experienced one often look a situation in a different perspective. He or she can ask hard questions that trigger a necessary change in thinking and help you solve problems.

4 Define what you really want and achieve it

I’m sure you’ve heard about the law of attraction, whatever you asked deeply to the universe, the universe will give unto you. Thus is the first step to success. You should first define what your career path is – Set smart, realistic, future-oriented goals – and your mentor can help you with this. Not only that, he/she can also ensure that you don’t lose focus and would not be distracted by day to day pressures.

5 Increase accountability and self esteem

When people are working only within their selves, they tend to slack off sometimes. Working with a mentor, you have the urge to be accountable. You ensure that all the tasks you discussed in your last meeting are completed. The excitement of completing tasks and seeing results can fuel you and get motivated. Accountability breeds responsibility and therefore makes you feel really important and increased your self esteem and personal satisfaction too.

6 Grow your network

Your mentor probably has connections that he/she can share with  you. In this way, you can grow your network of contacts and business acquaintances.

7 A friend and an ally

A mentor goes beyond helping you to achieve your dreams. Usually they touch your heart and forever are a part of your life. They become your ally during any bumpy spots in your career and you should establish a friendship where you are both supporting each other and sharing experiences.

True or False? the keys to success and wealth is finding a great mentor and being a good protégée. Not really. True, we do need mentors to coach us and it would be a huge advantage but success still depends on us. If we are not yet ready to engage in a mentoring relationship and to commit to whatever our goal is, then success will still be unreachable. So start by conditioning yourself and when you are ready, start looking for your mentor.  Or better yet, be a mentor yourself if you think you got what it takes. Above are just some reasons why everyone should get a mentor.

Add your own thoughts and experiences at the comments below. Or you can honor and thanked your own mentor that probably helped change your life forever. Because being a mentor is not easy. They need to be appreciated once in a while.


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