Does Happiness Equate To Being Rich?

Does Happiness Equate To Being Rich?



The UN have again tried to bring rationality to an irrational subject, tried to measure happiness and ranked the happiest and saddest countries in the world. According to the World happiness Report 2013, Denmark is the happiest county. Europe is the happiest continent, as eight of the 10 happiest countries in the world are in Europe. On the other hand, Togolese is ranked as the saddest country on the planet (wonder what they did to deserve such title) and Syria which is not a surprise anymore due to unending war and political problems ranked at number nine.

There’s a very visible pattern developing on the ranks, we saw that the richest country are the happiest. And the saddest are also the poorest. Are the surveys confusing wealth with happiness or does it really state the fact that when you are rich you are happy? Can money really buy happiness? Learn a more in depth analysis at this great article here:

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So is UN right?

When I was younger, I used to believe on the phrases “Money cant buy happiness” or “The best things in life are free”. But as I grow older, work my ass off to get paid and live day by day, I realize that those quotes are somewhat untrue. Come to think of it, it is really hard to be happy with hunger stabbing your stomach. To achieve happiness, you should also have a peace of mind. But how can you have peace of mind when you are constantly thinking of how you are going to pay the bills or worse where you are going to sleep tonight.

We criticize all those people working hard and taking their families for granted; We always advise that they should spend more time with their children because no paycheck can compare to the joyous smiles of their children. But how can you see the smiles of your children when they have nothing to eat? Or how can you be happy when you are living in a small house in a slum neighborhood (that is populated by other poor people who have the same stress that you have and handle stress differently like getting drunk, screaming to each other, hurting their families etc) and their safety is uncertain?

Indeed you really can’t be happy without money. And thus UN might be right with this one.

It doesn’t mean though that when you are richer you are happier. Studies show those lottery winners, fortune 500 business owners, heiresses are only slightly happier than the guy who is just teaching in an elementary school. Their huge paychecks can’t put a permanent smile on their faces and their very hectic schedules make it really difficult for them to enjoy their money.

So what’s the right equation then? I strongly believe that “just enough money” = happiness. A minimum amount of money for food, medicine, clothing and shelter is good enough to make us happy and live in a simple worry-free world. No need for us to be greedy and unsatisfied and just enjoy the simple life. When we cherish and enjoy what we have then that is when we’ll truly be happy.

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