How To Be You And Make Your Dreams Come True

How To Be You And Make Your Dreams Come True


How To Be You And Make Your Dreams Come True

If there’s absolutely one advice from the best personal development books around that I would live and die by, it would be, “Be Yourself and Believe in Yourself”. People may not know, but there’s a huge power behind truly being you and believing in yourself. Trust me when I say that with this combination, you can be whoever you want to be and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Everything is possible! If you still have doubts though that’s alright, but I suggest you read this article and discover how to be you and make your dreams come true. Read on and discover the power. Then formulate a self development plan that can help unleash the power within you.

Know and Be Yourself

I have been to  numerous personal career development events and they all say that if you want to tap into your maximum potential and succeed, you should align your career path with what comes naturally to you. When you’re authentically you, all of your characteristics shine – your knowledge, talents, uniqueness etc. You are simply at your best. You are more confident. You have more energy. You are happier. Everything is perfect and nothing can break you. If these do not look like the key to achieve your dreams then I don’t know what else you would call it.

For so many people, they drag themselves to work everyday because their work is not who they are. They put so much effort and energy in adjusting themselves to their work that they do not have enough energy to succeed in the actual work. Successful people on the other hand, tend to align their work with who they are. This in turn gives them enough energy to excel!

Remember though that the key here is to really know yourself first. Figure out who you are – then be that. Some people undergo training personal development just to find themselves, if you think this is also needed then you should by any chance train too. So you really want to go to the west, but then you saw something beautiful in the east and in a slip of a second you change your mind. A few days later you feel that there’s something special on the North and you correct yourself again and change your mind. Before you know it, your back at the starting line or worse – you’re lost. To make your dreams come true you must first have the courage to look inside yourself, be honest with yourself, and know your dreams. These dreams should be strong enough for you to give your all to it. If not, then a slight distraction would again be your downfall.

Believe in Yourself

Now that you know who you are and you are already aligned with your dreams, then the next step in any personal development programme is to believe in yourself. Remember that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. It should all start in you. If you know you can do it, then you probably will. You may now know how you can do it and you may not know how hard it could be to do it, but the fact that you know you can do it makes it possible.

Don’t stop there yet though. Because believing in yourself comes with a lot of sacrifice and the “never say never” attitude. There would be tough times indeed; life doesn’t come in a silver platter for all of us anyway. And these times can test your confidence in yourself. When you are about to give up, just remember that Thomas Alba Edison failed ten thousand times before he perfected the light bulb, and that is why there are so many average men and only one Edison, because unlike average men, he never gave  up. He is confident that he can do it and he sacrificed all his time to prove it.

These, and other examples, taught me that in the end, the only person who can prevent you from reaching your dreams is you. So just be you and believe you can do it.

How To Be You And Make Your Dreams Come True

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