Reinvent Yourself: 8 Principles For Getting This Done

Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself

Everyone needs to take full responsibility of their lives at some point and its really never too late to start making changes you have been longing for, go and  read success stories about normal people some of them lives were much worst than many of us and you’ll be surprise how well they turn out to be .Reinventing oneself is all about self realization and transformation towards adding new meaning to our lives.As many always say “we live only once ” so why not create the type of lives for ourselves that suits our personality one  that makes living worthwhile ?I share with you below 8 profound principles that will take us on the road to self reinvention.

1. What’s Wrong?

From your friends, to your job, to your dress to the sandwich you had for lunch, which of your choices make you uneasy? Ethically, physically, socially or otherwise. Make a list of the things that really bother you (including your own attitude to things). Only then can you begin to change them.

2. Fear Of The Dark

Now that you know what’s bothering you, you can go ahead and change it. But it may be that something is still stopping you. Something that smells like fear. But what precisely about change are you afraid of? What is the absolute worst case scenario you could be faced with if you did make a change? Think about it, digest it, write it down. Then write down what you would do if you were faced with that worst case scenario. Is it really that scary?

3. Focus On The Positive.

Now that you’ve analysed the negatives enough to break them to pieces, leave them behind. Stop focusing on how awful you feel about missing the gym last night. Instead, think how great you will feel after this evening’s workout. Write down your goals for the next few months and next to each of them, some practical ways of making them happen. It is key that your goals be realistic, in keeping with your lifestyle and willingness to commit.

4. Focus Harder On The Positive.

If a friend managed to lose ten pounds in a year, we would think they were amazing. If we did the same we might think we were useless, because our goal was to lose fifteen. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your success. Part of being human means not everything will go exactly to plan. But steps in the right direction are steps worth taking.

5. Expect Success

If you have the strength to hope for something, find the strength to expect it of yourself.  You are absolutely not too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too clever or too stupid to achieve your goals. Read more

It’s not really difficult to start making these changes stop thinking about the do’s and don’t s “just do it ” .The important thing is to start and keep at it and  be practical in your life and try  to have fun while doing it .Go ahead and make that change and find that place in your life where its fulfilling and satisfying.

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