The Formula for Success

The Formula for Success


Everybody wants to be successful. At work, in relationships, as a person and generally in life, success is what everyone is after. All of the world’s population wants to be successful! Still only about 1% of the population achieves this universal goal.

Why is that? Is success so elusive? Is there some secret that the successful people aren’t giving away? Or is it all just luck? Is there a sure shot formula for success?

Yes there is.

No matter what kind of success you are after, this one simple formula is all you need for achieving success.

Are you ready? Here it is.

(Hard work + Hard work)*Hard work^2 = Success

That’s it!

It’s that simple. All you need to be successful is lots and lots of hard work.

Now this isn’t something people want to hear. People don’t like hard work. Because it is so damn hard! They want some magic pill solution, a shortcut, a secret, something that will bring them overnight success. But before you crave for overnight success, here’s the truth. If you want overnight success, be ready to lose it over the next day.

Real success comes from hard work and hard work alone. That’s the cold hard truth. And that is why 99% of people aren’t successful. They just don’t want to work that hard.

But what about talent, genius, passion or luck you might ask. These are always considered necessary, all together or alone, for success. Let’s look at them one by one.

Talent is nothing but skill honed over many years. Even the child prodigies sucked at one point of time. They got good at an early age but before they got good, they too were bad. They just practiced and got good at the skill. Just because you didn’t learn a skill in childhood doesn’t mean you can’t learn a skill. You can learn any skill with enough practice and how good you get at it depends on how much you practice. But to be successful you need to practice a lot and that is hard work.

Genius is a genetic lottery. Some people are just born with brilliant minds or brilliant bodies or some other freakish genetic advantage. But that doesn’t mean they are destined to be successful. Ever heard of the term ‘failed genius‘? Genius alone won’t make you successful. Even geniuses have to work hard. Michael Phelps, the swimmer, has a body that is made for swimming but even he would have been a ‘nobody‘ if he had not worked hard since childhood. Even if you are not a genius you can still be more successful than other geniuses just by working hard.

Passion is a great amount of love and interest for a certain activity. It alone can’t make anyone successful. If you just love music but you spend more time listening to it than practicing some instrument yourself, than all you can hope to become is a successful music critic, not a musician. Passion is a great advantage to have because it makes the hard work seem a little less hard. But it’s not a substitute for hard work. In order to be successful you’ll have to combine passion with hard work.

And finally we have luck, that mesmerizing beauty who smiles at everyone but us. You might believe that luck is real and it matter a lot or you might think that there is nothing like luck. Either way, here’s the important thing to remember, it’s not in your hand. What’s in your hand is hard work. Even if you carry a rabbit’s foot in your pocket, you’ll still have to work hard. And if you don’t believe in luck then you have nothing else but hard work. There is no point in worrying about luck. Just worry about working hard and luck will take care of its own. When a successful man says that he makes his own luck, what he means is that he works hard continuously and doesn’t worry about luck. When you’ll work hard and achieve success, others might think that you’ve gotten lucky but you’ll know that it was all because of your hard work.

Like every other rule, this one has a few exceptions as well. There are a few guys who get success too easily. There are a lot of examples out there of people who clearly have found success without much hard work. But rest assured that their success won’t last. No one who has not toiled hard and felt the pain of working hard can handle success. They might get it temporarily but they’ll soon lose it. Why? Because as hard as it is to reach the top, it’s even harder to stay on the top. Staying successful requires continuous hard work.

There you have it. The formula of success.

The question is; are you ready for all the hard work?

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