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Sometimes ago when Buffett said that he thinks he was lucky Because if he was born a woman he is most likely going to be a different person Considering the fact that those days women were believed to be far less important than men Here's the thing Locke does exist But where most people get it wrong is that they don't know what Locke means and what it takes to be lucky in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you a powerful motivational quote which will inspire you show you how to actually be lucky and Hopefully change your life forever If you're new here consider subscribing, so you won't miss other interesting videos like this now, let's get into it Johan, gutter said what you can do or dream you can begin it Baldness has genius power and magic in it Listen to that again what you can do or dream you can Begin it because boldness has genius power and magic in it Steve Jobs once said those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who actually changed the world The truth of the matter is courage actions and boldness are what make people lucky This is my personal story One day when I was in high school I was discussing with two of my friends as we just got promoted to a new class and The best students in our old class have all been taken away from our school because it was a public school So one of my friends said something like we don't even know who be the best student in this new class Without thinking twice.


I told them yes, I'm going to be the best student They both thought I was wrong as one of them suggested who the next class leader will be Before this discussion. I was just an average student who was never among the best students by immediately. I left these two friends They then dawned on me. They have made a commitment and that I must do something about the commitment I lied to my poor father said I will give me money to buy books I started waking up about an hour than before I would read an hour or half-hour Before going to school in the morning and when I returned from school, I wouldn't sit down with the TV but with my books needless to say I became the best student in my class and a few years after then many people were calling me a genius that is another word we use for people.


We think we're born with special brain What you can do or dream you can begin it because boldness has genius power and magic in it I've been lucky all my life and I know how to be lucky. Let me tell you how to be lucky get out Get your hands dirty learn those skills Most people don't have smile when you feel and smell when others think you're crazy stay hungry and stay crazy and one day you come across an idea an Inspiration or book or a friend that will change your entire life What you can do or dream you can begin it boldness has genius power and magic in it How people expect the magic you can call it Grace Locke or magic most of us expect drastic change in our life At least that's why millions of people buy lottery tickets That's why millions use promised magical weight-loss pills And that's why many of us wish we could become who we want to be tomorrow morning While we all expect magic to happen in our life only a few of us know how to get those magic Most people simply sit back and pray and this is a wrong strategy What you can do or dream you can begin it because boldness has genius power and magic in it Whatever you think you can do start it, whatever you dream of doing begin it Whatever you desire in your life go for it because the magic is in the boldness The power is in massive actions show me a man who dares life takes massive actions and Refuses to give up and I'll show you a man who is likely to achieve far more than most people the fear of failure Somehow we all know this thing I'm talking about We all know that if we could be more courageous if we could be more energetic if we could be more enthusiastic and if we could take massive Persistent actions we can achieve our biggest dreams The only problem we have is the fear the fear of failure the fear of unknown But I have bad news for you.







You see you are already in an unknown zone from the day you were born You are born into a dangerous and risky world and nothing can make your life risk-free Fearing the unknown is foolish because you are already in an unknown zone Let me explain this with a story many months ago a man called because he needed my help He was working in a bank but hated every day of his life He wanted to resign by his wife who never allow him because of the fear of what may happen When he asked for my advice what I thought was, okay What if this man was fired by the bank who his wife go and shoot the bank Just as if I was a prophet about 2 weeks after this man called me He called again to give me the bad news, and that was the bank fired him for many months or years This man has been afraid of the unknown He had been worried about what may happen if you followed his passion and resign his job But he didn't have enough courage to do anything about it until he was fired I'm not advising you to go and resign your job I only told you this story to show you how naked you already are Don't let anyone deceive you that you are in a safe place now because that's not true Helen Keller said life is either a daring adventure or nothing Stop thinking about ease security and safety because such things don't exist Think about this 3287 people died in auto crash every day and you might just have been a victim of such crash 100 people died of gunshot every day in America alone, and you might just have been a victim of a gunshot Millions of people are in prison for the offense.


They never commit and you might just have been one of them My point is clear Nothing is safe here and looking for security or safety is as foolish as looking for peace inside the fire What you can do or dream you can begin it because boldness has genius power and magic in it laboring under correct knowledge Let me conclude this video with the most powerful definition of luck. I've ever seen a man wants the fine lock Luck as laboring under Correct knowledge and I think that's correct because people only get luck after the show courage boldness and massive actions You can't ever get locked inside your room. You've got to go out. Try things make mistakes and fail you've got to be bold and courageous you've got to end your failure after failure and never give up Winston Churchill said Success is moving from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm What you can do or dream you can begin it because boldness has genius power and magic in it Get out and fight for your dreams Get out even if you make mistakes Get out even if you fail to get started,

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