Motivational speakers are unspoken heroes. Their positive words and encouraging statements can make such an amazing difference in an individual’s life. With the help of motivational speaking an individual can learn to be more confident in themselves, be a leader at work and shine among their peers.

Why should you seek a Motivational Speaker?

To make it happen

Everyone could use a little bit of encouragement in their life. There are so many things that can bring you down, causing discouragement and a negative impact on your life. Choosing a motivational speaker in your life can help you find that encouragement. Motivational speakers are positive individuals who have often overcame obstacles and can change your life. Numerous programs are offered from motivational speakers, helping you gain substantial growth within your life.
Take a look at 30 of the best motivational speakers that are out there today. Each of these individuals has made a positive impact in many people’s lives and could be just what has been missing from your life when you want to become inspired to be the best that you can be.

1. Dr. Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne Dyer has written many books and featured many programs on PBS. Although born into poverty Dr. Dyer overcame this to live his dreams. Some of Dr. Dyer’s motivational speaking programs include The Power of Intention; Change your Thoughts, Change your Life; Your Ultimate Calling and Excuses begone, among others.

2. John Maxwell Pastor
John Maxwell is well-known for his amazing leadership skills. He has written several books, the most popular titled The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Pastor Maxwell has been featured on the New York Times best Seller List and is passionate about what he wants to do in his life.

3. Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy has been a motivational speaker for many years. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and has authored more than 45 books. The Psychology of Achievement of one of Tracy’s best-selling books on audio. Other popular Brian Tracy programs include:
• Secrets of Self-made Millionaires
• Doubling your Productivity
• Made for Success

4. Les Brown
Les Brown has been considered one of the best motivational speakers in the world. Each class with Brown provides passionate, enthusiastic speeches that will help you want ot make changes in your life. His voice alone makes you feel amplified and positive. Les Brown has a few different books and audio programs, including It’s not Over until You Win and You Deserve. Brown earns more than $55 million per year these days, far better than his salary beforehand as a garbage collector.

5. Mark Victor Hansen
Mark Victor Hansen is a motivational speaker, author and trainer best known for the Chicken Soup of the Soul series of books. Time magazine calls this series a publishing phenomenon of the decade, as more than 140 million books sold internationally. Hansen has made appearances on CNN, The Today Show and has been features in World Report, USA Today and others.

6. Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield is the co-creator of the Chicken soup for the Soul book series. These books are among the top 150 best-selling books of the past 15 years. Canfield founded the Transformational Leadership Council.

7. James Malinchak
James Malinchak uses humor and enthusiasm to motivate all who turn to him for motivational speaking needs. Starting as a Wall Street stockbroker, Malinchak became a partner in an investment company when in his 20’s. These days Malinchak owns three businesses and has written many books and attended speaking events around the world.

8. Stephen Pierce
Stephen Pierce is a highly-influential motivational Internet marketer. He is successful and really knows how to make a lasting impression on all who hear him speak. Pierce is a man of wisdom, a man of encouragement and a man who can change your life for the better.

9. Anthony Robbins
Anthony is more well-known as Tony Robbins. He had a hard life after his mother divorced his father and remarried two more times. He would take the name of his second father. Later Robbins would be diagnosed with a brain tumor. Robbins has authored several books including the best-selling Awaken the Giant Within. This is one motivational speaker who can make a positive impact on your life.

10. Napoleon Hill
Despite being dead for more than 30 years, Napoleon Hill is a name always worth a mention when looking at motivational speakers. Considered to be one of the best writers on success topics, Hill also served as advisor for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This leader is said to have influenced more people for success than any other person, even today. Think and Grow Rich sold more than 20 million copies before Hill’s death in 1970 and continues to be one of the most popular success books available.

11. Alvin Law
Alvin Law was born without arms as the result of a drug complicated his mom suffered while pregnant. He was adopted and raised by the Jack law family. He learned how to get the things he needed done with his legs and has created many books to help individuals find the encouragement needed to overcome the hardships in their life. Law has even appeared on an episode of the X-Files!

12. Chris Howard
Chris Howard is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker who offers lifestyle and wealth strategies to those who want more than what they already have. He has been around for more than two decades, writing many books during this time, all sharing his knowledge of how to be the best.

13. Dr. Deepak Chopra
Dr. Chopra is an Indian/American doctor and award-winning author. He brings to the plate medical science knowledge, spiritualism and physics with a dependency on the Jiddu Krishnamurti writings. Hearing Dr. Chopra speak can help you attain the best health while living an amazing life.

14. Marshall Sylver
This world-renown hypnotist has always been one to provoke the human mind. Even as a child on a Michigan farm he was able to think positively even with a family of nine brothers and sisters and hardships like no electricity so many times. He can master the subconscious mind and change a person’s life around. He is considered to be the #1 leading expert in mastery of persuasion and influence.

15. Dan Millman
Dan Millman has lived a fulfilling life, with duties taking him from instructor at Stanford University to author and gymnast. He has written 13 amazing self-help books, with Way of the Peaceful Warrior the most popular of those books.

16. Dale Carneige
Dale Carneige was born in 1888 and lived until 1955. During this time he developed numerous self-help courses and participated in public speaking, both of which changed the lives of so many people. Carneige was born into poverty and overcame his hardships to find success. The motivational speaker used the thought that to change one’s behavior you must change your own behavior toward them. Even today Carneige is a considered to be one of the best in the field. He was well-respected then and now.

17. Dr. John Demartini
Dr. Demartini is a speaker as well as philosopher, author and more. He is a world-leading behavioral expert helping individuals attain professional development with his wide scope of knowledge. Dr. Demartini travels around 50 countries speaking to crowds 300 days out of the year, always offering something wonderful to say.

18. Stephen Covey
Stephen Covey co-founded Franklin Covey Company and has written several books that focus on management, leadership skills and gaining better productivity in the workplace. Hearing Covey speak ensures that you are a happy person in your home and business life. Covey studied at the University of Utah earning a MBA at Harvard University.

19. Delatorro McNeal II
Delatorro McNeal II has been changing people’s lives for more than two decades. He is a best-selling author who has spoken in 45 of the 50 US states. Many of those presentations have been to major corporations and colleges as well as other professional businesses. McNeal has been featured on TV shows on BET, Oxygen, NBC and Fox News, among others.

20. Bob Proctor
Bob Proctor has helped many people get rich. Do you want to be the next? As a great in getting rich, Proctor teaches men and women how to understand all of their abilities so they want to do more and be on the upside of their life. Proctor has been speaking for more than 40 years, focusing on creating wealthy, positive and motivated individuals with each step that he takes.

21. NickVujicic
Nick Vukicic was born without limbs in Australia. He was bullied and wanted to commit suicide at the age of 10. He turned his life around and went to college, beginning his motivational speaking as an adult to encourage others who have had it hard.

22. Randy Gage
Randy Gage has been a motivational speaker for more than 16 years. Through his classes individuals can lead fulfilled lives and achieve all of their dreams. He is a leader in the direct-selling industry who provides compelling and interesting seminars to individuals ready to make a positive impact on their life.

23. Chris Widener
Chris Widener is a journalist and author with credits such as and the Wall Street Journal behind him. Widener is a expert in business speaking, as he has been for the past 20 years. He shares his experiences with all, ensuring they are running a successful and profitable business.

24. Josh Sundquist
Josh Sundquist is a man who endured a hard life with many a hardship coming his way. Rather than allow that to break him, Sundquist turned his life around and began teaching others how to stay positive and motivated despite what life might throw at you.

25. Byron Kathleen Reed
Byron Kathleen Reed was also known by the name Byron Katie. She was a woman with kids suffering with depression, rage and paranoia that had her contemplating suicide. After treatment in a rehab facility Reed changed her life and began believing in herself. She is a positive voice when it seems the world is crumbling down on you.

26. Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn has helped many people achieve success, including fellow motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. Rohn is known for his powerful speeches that hit the mind and the soul so you are more than ready to get out there and make your dreams come true.

27. Walter Bond
Walter Bond is a former NBA player and business owner who teaches motivation, positivity, leaderships skills, team-building and so much more. He is known as Mr. Accountability and can show any individual how to attain success by taking accountability for their actions.

28. Og Mandino
Og Mandino is an individual who overcome numerous obstacles to become a best-selling author. At one point Mandino was homeless. He proves that anyone can achieve success if they are willing to work for it. When you hear Mandino speak or read the words that he writes you can see that he puts his heart and his soul into motivating the world to become a better place, one person at a time.

29. Tavis Smiley
Travis Smiley has appeared on BET and a number of other TV stations. The motivational speaker has been making an impact on people’s lives since 1996 and he can provide you the same positive benefits through his outstanding words.

30. Dan Penna
Dan Penna is a former chairman of many different US and European companies. He is a top negotiator and a caring, compassionate individual who cares about his clients and the world around him . With Penna in your life you will leave all of your negative energy and thoughts behind, learning instead how to increase your life by attaining your goals.

Top Motivational Speakers
These 30 well-respected individuals deserve their spot in the top. They’ve worked hard to achieve greatness, but did not stop there. Instead they passed their wisdom on to the world, enabling them to attain the same goals in their life. When you are ready to change your life with a positive impact, take a look at any of these speakers and their works. You will find the encouragement and inspiration to make it through your hardships!


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August 27, 2013 at 9:54 pm
Help me to be the best motivational speaker in Africa


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September 26, 2013 at 1:37 am
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Brandon Kruger
January 31, 2014 at 12:42 pm
Zig Ziglar is the best motavational speaker of all time


February 2, 2014 at 2:07 am
He is awesome no doubt.


Vikram Pandit
May 19, 2014 at 3:09 pm
Yes, Naseer Khan is an amazing motivational speaker. It’s a pleasure to listen to him. He’s truly the best.


Cafu Makhafula
November 7, 2014 at 8:23 am
Thank you for the list. Now I know who to check out for on YouTube. I thought Vusi Thembekwayo would be on the list.


Prateek Bansal
December 9, 2014 at 12:01 pm
You are missing many good speakers from India. I would recommend Akash Gautam. He knows his work and has also spoken at many places like Google, Vodafone etc. You can check his website here