Self Motivation Techniques

There are times when even the most successful individuals can find it difficult to get motivated.  Many people believe that motivation is something that you are either born with or you aren’t but that’s not so.  Motivation is a self development that every individual can teach themselves if they understand some techniques.  There are many ways to get yourself motivated.

Techniques on How to Get Motivated

These following techniques will help you self develop motivation.  Once you start getting into a routine, you will be able to succeed at almost anything you desire.


Music is one of the most universal motivation techniques that people use.  It doesn’t matter which style of music one enjoys, there is always one or two songs that will get you moving.  One that stimulates the mind and the body which will increase the feel good endorphin production.  They get your blood pumping and your motor running.

Setting Your Goals

 A good self development technique is to know and set goals for yourself.  You may want to jot down what it is that you want to accomplish.  You can also write down positive ways to get there.  Reminding yourself, by taking a few moments to read over your steps, can take you and help you get motivated when you aren’t feeling like you can get there.  See yourself as your reading accomplishing your goals, it will reinvigorate you and help you focus on getting there.


 One of the best techniques to motivate yourself, is to reward yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a large reward but by rewarding yourself for finishing a daunting task drives you to complete it.  A good example of rewarding yourself is buying a new outfit for losing those 30 pounds you’ve been wanting to take off.

Pain vs. Pleasure Technique

 No one enjoys pain, so by seeing yourself not being motivated as a pain causing agent and motivation as pleasure, you can strive towards being pain free.  For example, if your goal is to lose weight then if you associate getting fatter, weaker, and not being attractive as painful things then looking good, keeping your body healthy, and being more energetic would be the pleasurable things you’d want to focus on to motivate yourself.

These are just a few of the self development techniques that you can use to get yourself motivated.  Once you start a routine it’s not difficult to keep it going, the hard part is the first step.

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