Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear

Its a great saying that my friend Anny chatted to me about on Skype this morning. She said she loves reading my blog and gets inspired….wow, I feel great! And I tweeted this and facebook status updated it, and got a lot of retweets and likes….so seems worthy of its own blog post.

Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear

Lets analyze and break this into 3 sections:

Face Your Past Without Regret

I think this is a major problem I see in myself as well as in many others….lately especially I keep looking BACKWARDS, and not FORWARDS. Thinking why did I choose to do certain things for certain reasons….invest in this project, trust that person with another thing. But if we keep looking backwards we can never move forward. I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD and think about the future. I can see it is really affecting my business and my decision making, I have to look at the current situation, and move forward.

Handle Your Present With Confidence

Again, an issue we have to work hard dealing with. We have to make the best decisions today with the amount of information we are given. Sure we can research more, and we should research more before making a decision, but at some point we have to believe we have pondered enough, gathered enough feedback and information AND MAKE A DECISION and stick with it. Damn…easier said then done, really. And then, looking at the first point, we cannot regret what prior decisions we made. Maybe this is why sometimes they say ignorance is bliss – because sometimes knowing less is better for making decisions.

Prepare For The Future Without Fear

Again, we cannot be afraid. We only live once on this earth, what happens after death none of us can say for sure, so we have to look at this time on earth as the only chance we have. And we need to try to do great things, whether you see that as family, business, educating, empowering, or donating to the poor – PREPARE FOR IT and do not be afraid of the consequences that may come from it. We can only try our best , and if we have good intent to do good things, then people around you (or people worth being around you) should support that and help you achieve the goal.

I am often looked at to be a leader…and by being seen as a leader, I cannot second guess myself. I cannot be afraid. It is like being the father of a family….I have to instill positive energy in my “family”….I am noticing that this year of 2010 may have been transitional for me, but it has also confused my staff, business partners, clients, and friends. But I cannot help but think people all over the world are having economical problems…..the whole world seems unstable. In Europe, all kinds of countries are going bankrupt or restructuring…in USA unemployment is at record all time highs and politicians are handing out free healthcare to everyone at business’s expense.. China is going under massive inflation in food and its currency is at risk of appreciating greatly against the US dollar. Times are crazy, its hard for anyone to be certain what the future holds these days…while that is always hard to predict, I cannot help but be certain these days are more uncertain than ever.

Maybe this is why ignorance is bliss in the macro-economic sense…and we just have to do the best we can with what we have strengths and advantages in.

FOCUS mike, focus!

What Do You Think Of This Motivational Poem?

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  1. Love your articles very much,I always believe it’s more difficult to write simply,and effectively than to emply flowery but vague expressions that only obscure one’s meaning.Very clear and powerful expressions…:)cheers..

    1. Post

      cool Leila, glad you enjoy the articles…I just try to speak my mind, and share articles, poems, and other motivating things I come across in my life.

      share and spread the motivation!

      where are you from , seems in China?

      1. wow,u dun know who i am?we went for the stupid 3D movie together with Dave and ur friend,sorry cannot remember her name now@.@,and did the coke make ur cold even worse?haha…see u guys later..

        1. Post

          sorryyyyyyy, i just didnt even know you knew about this blog! how did you hear about it? its really cool you are reading and enjoying it – just surprize to me and i didnt even realize it was possible you knew about my blog from our meetings together

        2. haha,i found it from Dave’s links…but at first i didn’t know u r the Mike i’ve met…surprise…

  2. Dear mike,
    Thanks for sharing it again for me.really appreciated.
    Take yourself for example ,to analyze how did you do it ?i am sure people who readed your article will get inspired.i have posted it on my QQ zone,my classmates make comments on me “perfect”.really cheers on them .you are my Idol.

    1. Post

      Hahahaha, thanks Anny, does that make me your AMERICAN IDOL…..

      Life is all about fighting to stay positive and making the best with the cards we are dealt in life..

      Story is far from over, thanks for following along in mine

    1. Post

      wow thanks for sharing Dave! its definitely the inverse of me – as she is coming from hong kong to new york. but really awesome…

      this is what the new world is all about, international cultures clashing more violently and often and learning to deal with them

  3. Hmmm….I totally agree. Been pondering lately about my past mistake and it affected my confidence. I start to doubt my abilities however after reading this It made me realized what has done is done. Learn from it and move on. Great post!

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